Small business advertising

AdMan is a beta stage marketing program of Landon Fillmore Company and the marketing program we use. It consists of three parts.

1) Identifying a company’s potential customer base.

2) Determining which tools would be the best to use to connect with them from the following list

Websites, display ads, you tube ads, direct mail, sales calls, seminar selling, text message reminders, sales, television, music, brochures, E-commerce, newspaper ads, signage, referrals, partnering… (The list is exhaustive)

3) Integrating the selling process into the company’s normal service and communicating the system to employees so that it becomes an automatic.

With 25 years in accounting, we have found that few, if any small to mid-sized companies have fully integrated sales and marketing systems, as well as fully integrated payments processing, banking and accounting systems.

The problem for small business is virtually all major franchises do. It makes competing into today’s high technology environment, nearly impossible.


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